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There’s nothing to hide about being human, and there is nothing to be ashamed of when you are in the continuous tense – “being”.  In your lifetime, you’ve learned to crawl, to walk, to run, to pause, to stand still. You’ve whispered and yelled, you’ve kept talking and kept quiet. Your talks have made sense, your talks have been misunderstood, your talks have been misinterpreted, and your talks have put you in trouble. You’ve said just the right thing at the right time and to the right persons, and you’ve said the things you didn’t mean, things you wouldn’t want to be said to you, and things that have even altered your destiny.


You’ve surprised yourself, and you have been surprised by others. You’ve disappointed yourself and others have disappointed you. You’ve done exactly what you set out to do, and you have done the exact opposite of what you intended to do. You’ve slipped and tripped. You’ve been careless and forgetful, such that sometimes you live life on autopilot, and sometimes with full cognizance of what you are doing, you’ve consciously maltreated yourself.


You’ve wanted to finally arrive, but you’ve found yourself left behind. Though you were a complete package, you found yourself an unfinished product. You thought you were the real deal, but reality made you feel you are like a spare tyre. You’ve hoped and dreamt, doubted and feared. You’ve had hallucinating fantasies and faced stark realities. You’ve been excited at a point in your life, and you’ve been severally underwhelmed!


You’ve made smart decisions and you’ve made dumb choices. You’ve been right and wrong, hard and soft, fearless and afraid. You’ve felt pride, shame, joy, sorrow, serenity, and distress. You’ve felt loved, you’ve felt unloved; you’ve felt accepted, you’ve felt rejected. You’ve loved, and lost in the game of love, and you’ve lived to love again.


You’ve stood in the shadows and danced in the light. You’ve been bitten by the long rods of rain falls, and you’ve almost got roasted under the heat of the sun. You’ve been cold, and you’ve been warm. You’ve fallen flat on your face; you’ve had to cry to your pillows. You’ve succeeded and failed, you’ve fumbled and tumbled, you’ve risen and grown, you’ve got wounded and healed.


All the things you’ve done and the things you’ve seen, the people you’ve known, the heartbreaks you’ve stitched back together, the plans you’ve made, and the plans you’ve had to let go, the celebrations and the pains are part of your completion as a human being and you will feel all these again and again in a combination of ways. To be “Complete” is like finding all the missing pieces of a puzzle and putting them together to form a whole. “Complete” is becoming what you already are. You are a whole human being!

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