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Women are plenteously single. Many are perplexed, galore ignored.Lonely in fears, waiting in tears.  Some women are hurt by the thorns that life hurls on their paths: hearts bleeding,self-worth spilling. Screaming soundlessly to the mirror; crying silently to their pillows. Such singles have to wait much longer than their biological needs can withstand. The call [...]

Toxic Friends

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Toxic Friends (Living Your Life With Dr Abdulfattah Adeyemi) Toxic Friends The word toxic is used to describe a person who is tainted by a subconscious malevolence or psychosis that affects the lives of those who come into contact with them.” When one moves with toxic friends, for instance, [...]

Perfectly Imperfect

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Perfectly Imperfect (Living Your Life With Dr Abdulfattah Adeyemi) Perfectly Imperfect In the world we live in, the people we have to deal with everyday, the colleagues we are compelled to work with, some friends that fate forced us to choose, the family members we are destined to [...]

Cerebral Cells Of Hell

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Cerebral Cells Of Hell (Living Your Life With Dr Abdulfattah Adeyemi)     Cerebral Cells Of Hell   Don’t we feel sorry for animals caged in zoos? When the proud lion is kept in captivity, the fierce leopard is denied access to the wild and the dash of [...]