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Waiting is part of life and there are many good things that can come from waiting for something anticipated, like the way a pregnant woman would wait till day of delivery. But, waiting is not that easy, because haste is part of human nature. Yet, there are situations and circumstances in life when haste can get you nowhere! Oh, how painful and dreadful it is to be forced to wait! Waiting for your dream spouse to show up and tie the knot or waiting to have a child after years of marriage! We might have to wait for a vital phone call, a crucial text message, or a life-changing reply to a letter. The wait may be to finish a very important task, waiting for a crisis to be over, waiting for a wound to heal, waiting for a pain to be relieved, and waiting for a friend to show up, a visitor to arrive, or a lover to return.

The most difficult of all, is waiting for God to answer your prayers while He seems to be taking His time! And you know, the Almighty can wait for eternity because He is infinite. But you? Your times are limited! Our beliefs and expectations affect how we feel about waiting on God in matters beyond our control. As the clergies tell us, waiting patiently on God does not mean being stuck at a standstill or, squandering precious time in stasis. It requires a lot of hope, faith, perseverance, consistency and a lot of being busy. Waiting is active.

Waiting on God is based on true conviction without any agenda of one’s own, no deadlines, no demands on what God must do, no attempting to reverse the laws of nature, but an active readiness to receive that which He shall choose, and a perfect confidence that waiting on Him will be worth our while in the end. So, don’t be discouraged if you are waiting or if you have to wait. Your sun shall rise, eventually.

Conversely, when it comes to things and circumstances within our control, we should note that waiting is not the same as procrastination, indecisiveness, listlessness, fatalistic fantasy or wanton irresponsibility. It is not an unnecessary postponement, and not an indifferent deferral. While you should not wait for life to happen, you should create worthwhile events for yourself without darting rashly, or dashing aimlessly. Waiting implies knowing that your turn will come. Yet, it entails identifying your goals and going all out for it, without waiting for a “perfect” time. Whatever a fowl is pursuing in the rain, is really important to it.

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