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What type of crime has anger not led people to commit? People have killed and destroyed because they were angry. Husbands have strangled their wives; wives have poisoned their husbands! Parents have killed children; children have destroyed parents. What amount of hostility has anger not caused? Friends have turned to enemies; lovers have turned to haters. So many homes built on love have been broken; so many souls have been lost because of anger. From chronic to passive, suppressed to destructive, volatile to retaliatory, anger has led to impaired interpersonal relationships, domestic or child abuse, legal mess, drug or alcohol addiction, as well as suicidal thoughts and behaviours.

Anger is like a poison that slowly eats us up from within, touching every cell of our system. It eventually seeps out, corrupting everything it touches. Anger is like a virus that propagates itself by contagion. No amount of quarantine can contain its wicked spread. It does not desist. It will not stop until it destroys its victim, and then destroy itself. Anger is also like a snake. Whether hungry or not, a serpent is still dangerous. Whether provoked or not, a cobra’s cheeks are always puffed with its cherished venom. Whether you see anger as a snake or like a scorpion, the vile emotion puts you to some throbbing pains that sting you again and again as if a beehive fell into your laps.

Anger carries no real wealth, and no inherent worth, but bears regret in its haul, death in its wake. It is an impediment to anything worthwhile in life; it is an obstruction on the path of everything progressive. Your thinking is impaired so your life can achieve a fullness of agony. Your mind becomes a battle ground where mighty wolves fight, and hideous vultures feast on your dead reasoning. When anger displays its tantrums, no word of wisdom will reach your ear drums. It frustrates the roots of forgiveness and reconciliation.  It repels those you would rely on for assistance in days of need. It only cares for its own needs to feed. And the only way it can feel real is by making someone else to bleed. It throws you into spells of loneliness when your friends avoid you because they are no longer able to condone your grumpiness and insistence. And, just like you can’t swallow and breathe at the same time, love and anger cannot happen simultaneously.

Anger is a deviation from momentous cerebrations; an aberration to meaningful articulations. You would just kind of talk without saying anything, and you would say things without talking! Anger makes you shout, it makes you scream, it makes you hate, it makes you hit, it makes you hurt, it makes you cry. Then, it makes you to suffer and makes you do stupid things; real stupid things that make you look really stupid! Anger makes you mess up your life, mess up your marriage, mess up your career, mess up your relationships, and mess up your destiny.

Anger is an interpretation of oppression and suppression. It is an outward expression of inner disgust; it is an inner repression of outward dislike. Despite all these, anger is merely a tool at our disposal, and like any tool, it can be used mindfully or mindlessly. Thus, anger can be controlled, and then converted or redirected. While we cannot completely rid ourselves of the emotion of anger, we must not let it becloud our other noble emotions of patience, understanding and love. Anger in its right place may add grace to the overall quality of your life. But if you let it fester into malicious iniquities, the consequences would make your destiny appear complicated as if it was put together by a committee!

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