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The face is analogous to the head as the eyes are akin to the face, but the gaze is the subjective performance of the face and the eyes. As our gazes meet our acquaintances, our natures are sometimes manifested each to the other. Except in cases of pretence, deception and hypocrisy, the look on our faces is equivalent to what we say or who we are. Our identities might not be proclaimed but they show; not said but seen, silent but apparent.

If we do not protect our gazes, and we allow ourselves to be seduced by the attractiveness of a thing, we can end up surrendering ourselves to it. The heart gets attached to the object of desire and the mind is sucked into the irresistible cravings for it, then our obsessions enslave us to what we fix our eyes on. How many times have we been captivated by the beautiful, spellbound by the fascinating, and mesmerized by the charming?

Similarly, there are certain things, sights or events that you would regret witnessing, because the memory would haunt you for the rest of your life: muggy, ugly reminiscences that would stick to your brain like tar! Protect your gaze by lowering it from sinister scenes. Lower your gaze from what people do not want seen, from other people’s coveted personal properties, from what you would feel embarrassed if caught looking at, from what is none of your business, and from what is dangerous to your psyche.

Even within the family, gazes must be curbed from going feral. Cases of intended, attempted, and actual incest have been recorded because the gaze became a slave of wild passion, snooping into others’ privacies. This idolatrous gaze has led to disgrace, humiliation, hopelessness, inclination towards destructive lifestyles, immorality, criminal acts, and spiritual death

On the other hand, we should also avoid the harm of baleful gazes from others – “the evil eyes.” This refers to the misfortunes that can befall us when we expose our progress to others’ gazes of envy, jealousy, ill-will and evil plots. The evil eye is like an arrow: it strikes down the flight in progress, pruning the wings to soar. Therefore, avoid being showy to spiteful gazes: a seed that would germinate should learn to hide in the earth.

Most importantly, the living gaze is the loving, sincere, faithful gaze or a smile from one person to another. It is necessary for enriching our minds, clearing our doubts and inspiring our lives. Wherever we are, we must keep a good, affable, and lively look on our faces, so as to spread among ourselves, the amazing gift of a gracious gaze.



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