What is the Online Life/Marriage Mentoring Program?
• The Life/Marriage Mentorship programme is not another teaching curriculum and not a Marriage Course. It is not a replacement for clinical or psychological counselling. It is a hand-on method of mediation and facilitation, empowering and encouraging couples to address their challenges and solve their own issues.
• It is unique in that it is very effective for premarital couples, couples wanting to enrich their marriage and couples in crisis. My role as the mentor is to mediate, share workable experiences and confront core issues in a way that is effective. It is a method that awakens the spirit and promotes the principles of mutual love, mercy
and respect.
• I desire to see marriages that are strained and hurting brought back to a place of health, intimacy, love, and trust.
• This Life/Marriage Mentorship programme is designed for all who desire to renew, refresh or restore their lives and marriages, and position themselves to bring goodness to humanity.
• What do you hope to get out of the mentorship experience?
• What are your short and long term goals as an individual? In what areas would you like to grow in your relationships?
• What is your relationship status: Single, Engaged, Married, Divorced, Widowed, Complicated?
• If married, what are some of the marital challenges you currently face?
 Does your marital life need a repair?
 What are some of the things that currently excite you about your marriage?
 Do you wish to have this mentorship programme alone or with your spouse?
• Is there anything that is too complicated about your personal life or relationships with others that you would like to know and sort out during the course of this mentorship programme?
• What aspects of your personal life do you want to explore, discover, change, or improve upon? (Career options, Spiritual matters, Intimacy issues, etc)
• Do you often feel inhibited, discouraged, not fulfilled, and depressed?
• Tell me about your current and past life experiences that you consider hurtful or exciting and give me insight into your perception about life/marriage generally. (Is life fair? Is life worth it? Is this life not a wonderful place?)
• If single, what challenges are stopping you from moving onto a relationship? (No satisfactory suitor yet? Suitors are not committed? Too many disappointments? Health, Financial, Spiritual, or Physical situations?)
 Tell me some things about yourself that people do not seem to understand.
• Since this is an online programme, briefly tell me how email/voice phone calls, text chats, or video calls sessions might shape your mentorship.

What You Get:
 At our first meeting online we shall discuss all the questions raised above as well as your interests, goals and obstacles, and outline the shape and scope of your expected mentoring experience.
 You and I will design the program to suit our convenient times, availability and your specific areas of need.
 You will have personal chats with me spread into 3 hours every week, as well as flexible, supportive and transformative discussions on your personal development over the course of 5 weeks.
 In addition, I will spend up to 15 minutes of video chat with you every week, along with non-contact hours in email to support your mentorship.
 Mentorship hours can be used to work together with a community of other mentees in similar programme, or to learn from fellow mentees and share experiences where applicable.
In addition to your time spent with me as the mentor, I expect you to commit to a minimum of 50 hours working independently on yourself and your relationships during the course of the mentorship duration.

Duration of Mentorship:
• The program is designed to run for 5 weeks but can run shorter depending on the Mentee’s needs.
• The Fees are same whether the Mentee completes the 5 weeks period or not.
• Fresh payment will be made if the Mentee intends to continue for another 5 weeks Mentorship period in same or another area of mentorship.
• Mentorship fee: One Hundred Thousand Naira only (N100,000)
• Account name: FINE ARTIVITIES.
• Account number: 00 55 70 11 49
I look forward to having an engaging, authentic, passionate, goal-oriented and transformational mentorship program with you.

Fees for Relationship, love & Marriage Mentorship Online Mentorship Program






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