Some people move around not knowing what drives them about. Some are running even when they don’t know what is pursuing them. Some are trapped in darkness and they are holding torchlight to search for the same torchlight with which to search for what is not lost!

When Jinns and sorcerers are on their malevolent mission to ruin a victim’s life, situations change, the unexpected happens, things crop up, and perplexing matters arise as sorcery begins to manifest in the life of the naive. Is it new to you that some conditions can make a lion to eat cooked beans?

 People under the influence of sorcery would be eating maggots thinking it is rice and eating worms thinking it is spaghetti. They would want to be running and be scratching their toes at the same time! SIHR creates problems that solving them might involve getting into greater problems: how would you make three people to stand in twos?

 This audio lecture looks into SIHR (sorcery) as probable cause of severe lethargy, absentmindedness, and forgetfulness, feeling useless, exhausted, and spent. SIHR is likely to lead to experiences of nightmares, voices and whisperings in the head, doubts and indecisiveness. Symptoms such as bizarre impediments towards getting married, disappointments with suitors, inexplicable crisis in marriage and mysterious calamity in the bedroom can be MANIFESTATIONS OF SORCERY! What then should you do, when someone seems to have tampered with your destiny?

This is part of a series of lectures that introduce you to the path of a broad understanding of the World of the Unseen and how they affect marital life. Listen, Learn, Laugh, enjoy and be blessed!