There are those whose burden in life is like someone pushing a heavy rock up hill; if they stop, the rock ball will push back: it could roll over them and crush them! Yet, the more they push up hill, the more they get exhausted, and the heavier the rock seems. They can get tired, but the rock won’t get tired. Their muscles can weaken, but the rock won’t stop being hard. What can such a person do? He can give up and allow the rock to crush him, or he might run down the slope into the crocodile-infested water!

That is the way it is in many lives. They are trapped in all sorts of burdens that keep them collapsing under the yokes of inner rots and decays. They are always busy attending to their burdens, bearing and forbearing, trembling and scared, confused and disturbed, cold and sick, yet they look for borrowed burdens to add to theirs even when such sacrifice is needless and unproductive. Thus, they are frustrated, overwhelmed, and broken….

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TITLE: “The Burdens of Life”




LENGTH: 1 hour, 35 minutes, 3 seconds.