Do some people really have “special powers”, “knowledge,” or “special prayers” with which they can make things happen, defeat enemies, or win life’s battles? When you are threatened by some enemies, should you give them “fire-for-fire”? What higher weapon can you counter your spiritual opponents with? Do you need to consult the jinns or sorcerers in order to be a successful professional? Do you need to join clubs and cults if you want to succeed in a competitive world of business and entrepreneurship? Many people are confronted with the dilemma of ethical choices, caught in the traps of Shaetanic lures, confused in the muddles of superstition, and entangled in the web of sorcery, in their futile effort to SEE the UNSEEN!

This is a Questions and Answers session of the audio lecture series: “FRAMESET OF THE UNSEEN”. Listen, Learn, Laugh, enjoy and be blessed!