In the world of the unseen, one thing is hidden from another. Wealth is hidden from the poor. Health is hidden from the sick. Written words are hidden from an illiterate. Wife is hidden from a bachelors; husband is hidden from the spinsters. Child is hidden from the barren. Cure is hidden in medicine. Money is hidden in works. What you don’t know is hidden from you, and that is your own AL-GHAYB.

What is hidden from one person is open to another. You have what others lack and others have what you lack. Somebody somewhere knows what you don’t know, and many people wish they know what you know. We are all ignorant in one way or the other. The lesson is that it is difficult to judge others when you don’t know their stories: where they are coming from, and where they are going to. It all boils down to the fact that some people know what some people do not know. And, as sweet as knowledge is, some things are better left unknown.

These audios are parts of a series of lectures that introduce you to the path of a broad understanding of the World of the Unseen. Listen, Learn, Laugh, enjoy and be blessed!