If you are living with a Drama Queen or King, you can observe that they can be extremely volatile, they have the tendency to overreact over minor events, and they get too upset over small problems with an excessive need for approval.

They get easily frustrated when things don’t go their way, and like some stubborn children, they could throw tantrums anywhere if they don’t get what they want. Their problem is, they can’t deal with the fact that in real life, you can’t have your way every time. Thusly, they either get aggressive, or resort to their favourite weapon: malice.

They work hard to make everyone around them miserable, and this is possibly why they create riotously turbulent relationships. They could drain your energy, sap your vigor, and pop your verve, leaving you feeling angry, guilty and exhausted.

How then should you deal with a drama queen or king? Should you give them drama for drama or refuse to be dragged from drama to trauma? Would you fall for their “stunts”, “special effects” and edited “reality shows”? Would you buy into their theatrical “soap-opera” or ignore their reel world of emotions? What if you are the real Drama Queen or King but you just don’t get it?

This audio lecture gives you some simple tactics that can help you avoid or cope with the fitnah (trial) of having to live with a Drama Queen or King as a spouse, neighbor or colleague before they drag you down the abyss of their moods of doom.

Listen, Learn, Laugh, enjoy and be blessed!