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Everyone has a sort of chance, capacity, aptitude, talent and opportunity. In fact, everything around us, good and bad is an opportunity. Is difficulty not an opportunity? Are trials, challenges, lack, and denial not all opportunities? Opportunity is everywhere around and about us. Every day contains within it countless opportunities; the opportunity to experience a greater sense of meaning, to establish new connections, to rekindle a new passion, to restore a new hope: an opportunity to learn more and to earn more. Interestingly, anyone can have a “golden” opportunity at anytime, but not everyone is ready to take the risks involved in converting it to success. How many times have we thought of starting or doing something new, only to discover that someone else has just started doing it?


Opportunities often come by when we least expect it and we may not immediately see it as it sneaks in. There are moments when our efforts seem graced by favourable opportunities. If we miss them, we miss the rewards for months and years of preparations. What is the doing of a deed if not the sowing of a seed? If it is not sown at the right time, it might not germinate.


There are many talented people with breathtaking abilities, brilliance, dexterity, beauty and so on. But they are sitting around, thinking that these rare gifts will be accidentally “discovered” someday by people. The reality is that no one will notice you if you don’t stand up to be counted. You need to reach out and search for the opportunities to promote yourself. This is easier said than done, isn’t it? Well, colleagues and friends might give you suggestions on how you can move to the next level. Even if some of their ideas do not fit into your personal style and interests, having people around to challenge your comfort zones in the first place is an opportunity on its own. The point to ponder is that you might miss opportunities if you keep doing what you normally do in the ways you usually do them. Sometimes, even a minor change in attitude, a little adjustment in mindset or a small shift in point of view, could lead to a new world of opportunities and possibilities.


In other words, a particular opportunity might come only once, lasting few seconds. It could also come with a demand for an immediate response of “Yes” or “No”. It takes an open mind to perceive it and it require courage and preparedness to benefit from it. Is there an opportunity knocking at your door, or ringing on your phone? Pick the call with a blend of enthusiasm and calmness, and say “Hello, I’m ready!”

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