What is the Online Artist Mentoring Program?
 The Online Artist Mentoring Program is not an online course. It is an individual study program with me as a personal tutor/mentor for Beginning Artists, Art Hobbyists, Part/Full-time Artists, Art Teachers, Art Professionals, and individuals in need of Art Therapy for recovery, sobriety or an outlet to express their internal feelings.

How it works:
 As a mentor I will guide you to work towards developing a focused project, give you critical feedback on your work, and insights into the art industry.

 I offer guidance in shaping your interest into an idea, and from idea into a body of artworks. While deepening the experience of making, looking, and thinking about art, I am to assist you in finding your own artistic voice within the genres of art so you can become the artist you always dreamed to be.

This is for you if:

 You want to hone in on your artistic talents and creative flairs.
 You want to become a professional full-time artist or want to work in the art field as an illustrator, designer or an art teacher etc.
 You don’t want to just copy another artist or style but rather want to find your own personal artistic expression.
 You want guidance along the way growing as an artist and dealing with the art business.
 You are committed and dedicated for long term learning and practicing art.
 You require arts to fulfil your personal, psychological and emotional needs.
2. Questions I will ask you as we start:
 What do you hope to get out of the mentorship experience?
 What are your short and long term goals as an artist? In what areas would you
like to grow?
 What are some of the artistic challenges you currently face? What are some of the things that currently excite you about your art practice?
 What art techniques/medium do you want to explore? (Painting, Drawing, Graphics, General Abstract, Landscapes, Geometry, Forms and Motifs, Word Arts, Calligraphy, Children Arts, etc)
 What art techniques do you already have experience with?
 Tell me about your current art practice giving me insight into your conceptual and technical practice.
 Since this is an online programme, briefly tell me how email/voice phone
calls, text chats, or video calls sessions might shape your mentorship.
What You Get:
 At our first meeting we shall discuss all the questions raised above as well as your interests, goals, artistic practice, obstacles and outline the shape and scope of your expected mentoring experience.
 You and I will design the program to suit our convenient times, availability and your specific areas of need.
 You will have personal assignments every week, as well as flexible, supportive and enjoyable personal creative development.
 You will have personal chats with me spread into 3 hours every week, as well as flexible, supportive and transformative discussions on your personal development over the course of 5 weeks.
 The hours can be spent as critique, technical instruction, support while making art, goal setting, discussion of readings or trends, career advising, portfolio development, etc.
 In addition, I will spend up to 15 minutes of video chat with you every week, along with non-contact hours in email/phone conversations during working hours,

3. whatsapp picture exchange if there is need for step by step supervision of work in
progress to support your mentorship.
 Mentorship hours can be used to work together with a community of other mentees in the similar program to target specific areas of expertise, or to get a different perspective on your work, or to learn from fellow mentees.
 In addition to your time spent with me as the mentor, I expect you to commit to a minimum of 50 hours working independently during the course of the mentorship duration.

Duration of Mentorship:
• The program is designed to run for 5 weeks but can run shorter depending on the Mentee’s needs.
• The Fees are same whether the Mentee completes the 5 weeks period or not.
• Fresh payment will be made if the Mentee intends to continue for another 5 weeks Mentorship period in same or another area of mentorship.
• Mentorship fee: One Hundred Thousand Naira only (N100,000)
• Account name: FINE ARTIVITIES.
• Account number: 00 55 70 11 49
I look forward to having an engaging, authentic, passionate, goal-oriented and transformational mentorship program with you.


Fees for Arts, Flairs & creativity Online Mentorship Program






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