• If you are living with a Drama Queen or King, you can observe that they can be extremely volatile, they have the tendency to overreact over minor events, and they get too upset over small problems with an excessive need for approval. They get easily frustrated when things don’t go their way, and like some stubborn children, they could throw tantrums anywhere if they don’t get what they want. Their problem is, they can't deal with the fact that in real life, you can’t have your way every time. Thusly, they either get aggressive, or resort to their favourite weapon: malice. They work hard to make everyone around them miserable, and this is possibly why they create riotously turbulent relationships. They could drain your energy, sap your vigor, and pop your verve, leaving you feeling angry, guilty and exhausted. How then should you deal with a drama queen or king? Should you give them drama for drama or refuse to be dragged from drama to trauma? Would you fall for their “stunts”, “special effects” and edited “reality shows”? Would you buy into their theatrical “soap-opera” or ignore their reel world of emotions? What if you are the real Drama Queen or King but you just don’t get it? This audio lecture gives you some simple tactics that can help you avoid or cope with the fitnah (trial) of having to live with a Drama Queen or King as a spouse, neighbor or colleague before they drag you down the abyss of their moods of doom. Listen, Learn, Laugh, enjoy and be blessed!
  • Lust is the excessive desire for one's own pleasure, and when a desire arise in us, it is soon replaced by another desire in an insatiable loop of greed. Our intelligence can assist us in our pursuit of the desirable, but without strong will, smartness alone cannot enable us to resist our desires. In other words, knowledge and intelligence can fool us to think that we are in control of our lives, but on a closer look, not many people can overcome the demands and dictates of desires, which is capable of driving us into frustration, immorality and infidelity. Infidelity has adversely affected so many marriages. For many, they have been the one cheated on, while others were the ones that stepped out of their marriage. People who had stronger sexual interests, more permissive sexual values, lower subjective satisfaction with their spouse, and greater sexual opportunities are more likely to commit adultery. These haram adventures, which range from promiscuity to prostitution, have resulted into broken homes, frustration, depression, and disgrace. Despite these bitter fruits of infidelity, men are persistently “grabby”, while women have continued to be “snatchy”. Are the “women outside” so desperate to get married to the few men available?  Why these “male poaching” and “female rustling”? Could it be because there are more marriageable single ladies than there are marriageable men? Could we blame these excess single ladies on monogamy? And when we blame men for “chasing” women, are the women not consenting cheats? This audio lecture looks into the problem of lust, desire and infidelity as serious moral issues that can be complex, dangerous, and scandalous. TITLE: “Lust, Desire and Infidelity” PRESENTATION: Audio. FORMAT: MP3 SOUND QUALITY: High LENGTH: 1 hour, 52 minutes, 30 seconds.
  • Some people move around not knowing what drives them about. Some are running even when they don’t know what is pursuing them. Some are trapped in darkness and they are holding torchlight to search for the same torchlight with which to search for what is not lost! When Jinns and sorcerers are on their malevolent mission to ruin a victim’s life, situations change, the unexpected happens, things crop up, and perplexing matters arise as sorcery begins to manifest in the life of the naive. Is it new to you that some conditions can make a lion to eat cooked beans?  People under the influence of sorcery would be eating maggots thinking it is rice and eating worms thinking it is spaghetti. They would want to be running and be scratching their toes at the same time! SIHR creates problems that solving them might involve getting into greater problems: how would you make three people to stand in twos?  This audio lecture looks into SIHR (sorcery) as probable cause of severe lethargy, absentmindedness, and forgetfulness, feeling useless, exhausted, and spent. SIHR is likely to lead to experiences of nightmares, voices and whisperings in the head, doubts and indecisiveness. Symptoms such as bizarre impediments towards getting married, disappointments with suitors, inexplicable crisis in marriage and mysterious calamity in the bedroom can be MANIFESTATIONS OF SORCERY! What then should you do, when someone seems to have tampered with your destiny? This is part of a series of lectures that introduce you to the path of a broad understanding of the World of the Unseen and how they affect marital life. Listen, Learn, Laugh, enjoy and be blessed!
  • Do some people really have “special powers”, “knowledge,” or “special prayers” with which they can make things happen, defeat enemies, or win life’s battles? When you are threatened by some enemies, should you give them “fire-for-fire”? What higher weapon can you counter your spiritual opponents with? Do you need to consult the jinns or sorcerers in order to be a successful professional? Do you need to join clubs and cults if you want to succeed in a competitive world of business and entrepreneurship? Many people are confronted with the dilemma of ethical choices, caught in the traps of Shaetanic lures, confused in the muddles of superstition, and entangled in the web of sorcery, in their futile effort to SEE the UNSEEN! This is a Questions and Answers session of the audio lecture series: “FRAMESET OF THE UNSEEN”. Listen, Learn, Laugh, enjoy and be blessed!
  • In the world of the unseen, one thing is hidden from another. Wealth is hidden from the poor. Health is hidden from the sick. Written words are hidden from an illiterate. Wife is hidden from a bachelors; husband is hidden from the spinsters. Child is hidden from the barren. Cure is hidden in medicine. Money is hidden in works. What you don’t know is hidden from you, and that is your own AL-GHAYB. What is hidden from one person is open to another. You have what others lack and others have what you lack. Somebody somewhere knows what you don’t know, and many people wish they know what you know. We are all ignorant in one way or the other. The lesson is that it is difficult to judge others when you don’t know their stories: where they are coming from, and where they are going to. It all boils down to the fact that some people know what some people do not know. And, as sweet as knowledge is, some things are better left unknown. These audios are parts of a series of lectures that introduce you to the path of a broad understanding of the World of the Unseen. Listen, Learn, Laugh, enjoy and be blessed!
  • We must have offended each other as couples. A lot might be on our minds against each other because we seldom forget that we are imperfect individuals married to one another. Shouldn't two imperfections make a perfection? Can we even achieve a perfect marriage together? Shouldn't we just forgive one another and move on with our marriages? Rather than continuing to stay with bitterness or resentment that eats us up from within, we can suppress it, repress it, express it or confess it. Which is it that can give us a lasting marriage, full of love and mercy?
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