There’s power in prayer, it brings us to the Almighty source of all forces. There’s protection in prayer, it’s our defense and shield when we submit totally to the Will of Allah. There’s faith and hope in prayer, it helps us to run the race with endurance, which is an assurance of acceptance. There’s joyfulness in prayer, it’s the means to happiness, greatness and success.

However, prayer is not a matter of asking Allah for all kinds of things. It goes beyond “I need this,” or “give me that,” or “I want those”. It is not an impracticable petition, not a commandeering repetition, and not an unrealistic requisition. Prayer is not meant to be a charmed recipe or a magical remedy for supplying wants, fulfilling needs and feeding greed.

The point is, our prayer points must reflect the points of prayer. Prayer is not what you “do” or what you “make”; it is a state you enter. Prayer is like entering a relationship with Allah, and that is the point of prayer. Prayer “works” if it builds, enhances, solidifies, or deepens the relationship between the one who prays and the One to whom those prayers are directed. We “ask” Allah for things not just because we want “answers” but because we need Him and we want to get close to Him.

Then we move from thinking that Allah is a care giver, or a needs supplier, or a things doer, to realizing that He is contemporaneously affectionate, simultaneously adoring, and instantaneously responsive. Allah is not our tool; rather we are a part of His works. He is not a part of our lives; rather we are part of His creations.

Therefore, there is nothing to hide when in quiet supplication, when we are reaching into the deepest part of ourselves and admitting our needs and failures, our weaknesses and messes. In prayer, you are in the presence of Allah as you lay your complete self before Him in confession and dependence, in submission and reference, in concession and reliance. In prayer, your heart is quieted and your pride is stripped as you enjoy the privileged communication with Allah, the creator of the heavens and the earth, the One that hears you when you are calling, the One that catches you when you are falling; He sees you when you are crying, and knows when you are hurting. He lifts up your spirit and elates your soul whenever you are depressed or feeling low.

He is the One, whose nature is mercy and compassion, and His Being is all peace. He is the Source from which we have come and the Goal toward which we are all bound. Creator, Nourisher and Sustainer of our lives, the forgiver of all shortcomings, the healer of hearts, the freer from all pains, all sufficient, all powerful and Almighty. To Him belong all majesty and greatness. He is the source of all things, who controls all things and has power over all things. All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the worlds.