An egg is like the seed from which life sprouts. It is an ovum like an oven for baking beings to life. The egg: a womb for creatures, where transmuting cells and transmogrifying organisms ultimately transform into pulsating beings. There are oviparous schools of creatures with fins, breathing with gills, swimming in their aquatic world of marvels. Eggs hatch a diversity of creepy-crawlies, slithering and striding, sprinting and springing amphibians, reptiles, bugs and pests. The eggs also produce the poultry and swarms of flying creatures, with feathers of massive differentiation, some chirping and chatting, some humming and tweeting.

Most wondrous is the Almighty Creator’s design, that every creature that hatches from eggs should lay them too or contribute the life-bearing syrup. The blueprint of the universe insists that an ovulating female would produce eggs that bear her genes. Each specie must hatch the seeds they carry. The egg of a vulture would not hatch a peacock, that of a swan would not hatch a crow, a frog would not hatch a fish, a crocodile would not hatch a snake and a scorpion would not hatch a spider.

Similarly, if eggs were intentions, an evil tendency would only hatch evil deeds. Bigotry would hatch hatred, greed would spawn war, oppression would brood spilled blood. When the sun rises, it resembles a giant yellow yolk, radiating from a freshly laid day. What if the days do not break, wouldn’t darkness stain our souls? Yet, the great diurnal egg would surely hatch peace if not smashed against the walls of human cruelty.

It is a wild world out there, where animals eat the eggs of other animals. The snakes guard their own eggs but eat the eggs of hens, the sharks protect their offspring but eat other fishes – eggs and all. So many eggs never get the chance of bringing out the yellow chick in them. They are snatched from their nests, cracked and whisked to bake cakes.

If your treasured talents were eggs, be sure to lay them away from danger. Remember that the eggs of an eagle are laid high up in a safe nest beyond the reach of stainless steel frying pans. If your great ideas were eggs, endeavour to guard them from the dooms of egg boilers, who could crack and hack into your ideas before they are hatched.

What if hearts were eggs, would you keep your eggs with heart breakers? How many promises have been broken, secrets cracked, dreams shattered, and hopes smashed, when the delicate eggs of true love are dropped into hearts of stone? What great plans do you have for a better world? Wouldn’t you hatch them before they become scrambled eggs?

Each of us is an exceptional, extraordinary soul, cramped in the comforts of our shells. We need to break our shells from the inside before we can achieve our potentials in life. If the beautiful peacock did not hatch, its plumages and pride would remain hidden in the shells. If the crocodile had remained in its leathery membrane, who would respect its territory, or recon its teeth and fright? If the tortoise had remained an embryo, it would not acquire all its patience and wisdom. The eagle that soars in the sky was once confined in the chalky shell. Who else is in the egg? Hatch! Hatch! Get out of your shell!