You know, sometimes, you probably try to avoid looking into the mirror, because you feel ashamed of who you see! Your reflections don’t always impress you, especially, if you look beyond the image in the mirror!

What if it’s those parts of you that you can’t see in the mirror, the parts you don’t even want to see, the parts you don’t even want anybody else to see, the ones that you are struggling to improve on, that need your love the most? Is it not the shadows that give the light away?

So, if you can, appreciate the shadows as much as you appreciate the sunlight. Appreciate your falling for teaching you that you won’t break. To fall is not to fail. Failure in an aspect of life. It is not same as failing in life itself.

Appreciate your sorrows for reminding you to care for your heart. Appreciate your sickness for reminding you to care about your health. Appreciate your weaknesses for reminding you to build on your strength. Appreciate your loneliness for reminding you to value the company of others. Appreciate your experiences for reminding you that you are not perfect. Appreciate your imperfections for reminding you that you need to keep learning. Appreciate yourself as you are. so you can see yourself from the most loving perspective.

What if you have to face your darkness, so as to bring light into your world? What if your faults are your vaults? What if your messes will bring you blessings? You always were and always will be who you are. You only need to seek knowledge and keep growing.