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Allah is the possessor of all the visible and invisible attributes of the Absolute, and has different names in different languages for the understanding of man. His are names that are well known to all, and His are names unknown to many. His are names on the lips of all and sundry, His are names never pronounced by any tongue. His names are simple, His names are complex. His names are soft and light, His names are hard and heavy. His names are squashy, smashing and crushing.

He has Names that confound the dumbfounded, Names that gladden the saddened, and Names that stupefy the mystified. Names that a captive would call and get set free, Names that a bereaved will remember and get consoled. Names that the restless would recall and have a break. The all dependable Names that never fail, the all reliable Names that never falter. Names that break and tear, Names that mend and amend, Names that grab and fling, Names that pick and embrace. Names that can catch you when you are falling, Names that can hear you when you are calling.

Ya Allah! Our mouths are too smelly to call your pure names, our souls are too defiled to peruse your holy names, our hearts are too constricted to habour your great Names, our tongues are too tied to pronounce your names and our voices are too ugly to pronounce your beautiful Names! Cleanse our lips; control our tongues, purify our hearts, O Allah, for Your Words bring life, not death.

In our weaknesses, Allah sends more mercy everytime to heal and to comfort to repair and to mend. He is the Light ever-shining; He is the Might ever-lasting; He is the Sight ever-seeing; He is the Guide ever-guiding. He is the forgiver, ever forgiving; He is the merciful ever showing mercy. Abundant is His mercy, beneficent in every way, compassionate Guide for the lost, patient to all who have gone astray.

He is the strength for the weak; He is the shelter for the homeless; He is the Scope of the scopeless; He is the Hope of the hopeless; He is the Source of the sourceless; He is the Force of the forceless. He is the refuge of the destitute, the Shelter of the Homeless: the Deliverer of the exposed. The Aid of the distressed. The Guide of the lost, the Giver to the ones that lack.

He creates something from nothing, and returns everything to nothing. He makes nobody somebody, He makes somebody nobody and He makes somebody out of anybody. He qualifies somebody and elevates anybody above everybody. And there is nothing anybody can do about His decision because, He makes revision over His creations, and He creates diversion of their locations. He then provides their vision and their provision. He elevates to position with His decision, and His decision can never be met with derision in any situation, because His decision is with precision.

And this is why He moves whoever He wills from waste to wealth, from grass to grace, and from grace to graciousness. It is those without His grace that are truly disgraced, because He is the one that degrades, upgrades or down grades. He is the One that imposes, opposes and disposes. He is the One that repeats and deletes. He ordains and restrains, He maintains and sustains. He withdraws and restores. He includes and excludes. He installs and forestalls. He appoints and disappoints. He gives and retrieves.

His works are beautiful and meaningful, because He is bountiful and merciful. Glory be unto Him, Who is high above all that is attributed to Him.

Ya Allah! We confess to You our heinous sins. We have perpetrated wrong; yet, Ya Allah, to You we belong, in Your mercy, we pray, grant us forgiveness; protect us from the evil consequences of our deeds. We humble ourselves before You, wholly unworthy, yet certain that in Your graciousness You will respond to us with Your mercy.

Ya Allah, we can no longer endure the sunlessness of an existence deprived of Your light. Cast forth Your radiance; cast out our darkness. Grant us the light that brings sight to the eyes. The light that dispels the darkness of the night. For You are able to do all things.

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