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This site offers audio and video lectures, discussions, life coaching, motivational speeches and writings of Abdulfattah Adeyemi on array of topics and issues bordering on his:

  • Group Guidance,
  • Conflict Clinic,
  • Relationship Rescue Services,
  • Spouse Selection Services,
  • Premarital Counseling,
  • Sex Therapy,
  • Contemporary Moral Matters,
  • Online Courses, and
  • Book Publishing.

This is intended to:

  • Immunize the global audience against marital disappointments, prevent divorce as much as possible and strengthen the bonds of family ties.
  • Educate Married men and women having problems with their marriages on the Islamic solutions that are relevant and specific to their marital situations.
  • Inspire couples to rekindle the spark of love, reclaim their affection and recommit to each other, thereby, preventing pain and ensuring pleasure.
  • Encourage the youth to tread the path of global peaceful co-existence, moral uprightness, tolerance, and creative approaches to solving their personal, ethical, career, social and leadership issues.

“And do not lose heart or feel grieved; and it is you who will be victorious, provided you maintain (perfect) faith”

– Qur’an 03:139

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